Sunday, May 25, 2014

Luck to a maze

Shine Bright Like a Lucky Shamrock | 4 Leaf Clover MAZE

lucky four leaf clover maze art
Lucky Maze of a Shamrock Four Leaf Clover | Maze Solution HERE

This maze of a 4 leaf clover has been created by Yanito Freminoshi as part of the FREE MAZES project, so feel free to download any of the mazes here and use them at will for all purposes, private, public, editorial, commercial, personal, business, artistic, and anything else you can imagine. The artist made these mazes for all to enjoy, and finds that it is better to have everyone have access to his artwork.

A few other versions of the Good Luck Maze | Printable PDF of Good Luck Maze

four leaf clover maze black and whiteop art 4 leaf clover MAZE

We don't want you to accidentally see the maze solution, so we've put some distracting CAT GIFs and inspirational quotes to distract you.

Goofy Cat Flips Out

Flipped out cat GIF

Inspirational Pun

pun inspiration

Recycling Pun

pun about recycling

Cuteness Overload GIF

 and now.....

Lucky Maze Solution

4 leaf clover maze solution

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