Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cross Eyed Maze

cat eyes animated GIF

Maze of Crossed Eyes | Yanito Freminoshi

Maze of Crossed Eyes
Maze of trippy CROSS EYES | Click here for Maze Solution

If you would like a printer friendly version of this maze: Check out the PDF version of Cross Eyed Maze

meme cat fly nose
Some people love doing crossword puzzles and others love mazes. One of the new fields that has been cropping up lately is the optical art work. These are three dimensional mazes that really offer you mind a way to challenge itself. One op art creator today who is taking the web by storm is Yanito Freminoshi. He comes from a small town near Tokyo and he’s offering people a way to challenge their brains and to get themselves going over that morning coffee. His op art all has solutions offered, but give yourself the chance to solve these before you reach for the solutions. And share them in print, advertisements, editorials and more. Just make sure that you mention that Yanito Freminoshi is the op art creator and link back so that people can enjoy the solutions if they just can’t get these solved themselves. 

Cats also have a knack for making fun of crossed eyes. 

Here are some cute kitty animated GIFs to illustrate and really drive that point home



Clown cats to left of me, joker cats to the right.

cat grounds fore and back

Kitty crawling in his sleep. MEEOW?

kitty crawling in sleep

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i CANT feelz floor?!?

cat can't feel the floor

You raaaang?


I R KITTEN, hear me ROAR!

roar kitty roar

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Cross Eyed Maze SOLUTION

Maze Cross Eyed