Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Stick your neck out like a giraffe

pic of giraffe
Some people engage in online gaming for the fun and entertainment value but increasingly doctors are actually advising their patients to play a few games before they go to bed at night. Researchers have found that many games, including mazes, puzzles and online casino games are, in fact, healthy strategies that prevent the formation of brain plaques that have been linked to the development of dementia. A recent research project shows that adults who participated in mind-stimulating activities had the least amount of Beta-amyloid protein uptake in their brains -- proteins that have been associated with the development of Alzheimers disease. Cognitive activities, the study demonstrates, may prevent the accumulation of such deposits and stimulate the brain to help ensure middle-age and senior years that are free of dementia. This research has led doctors and other counselors to encourage their clients to do more to stimulate their brains at an early age. Reading, doing puzzles and mazes and playing online games has a huge effect on a person's emotional well-being and long-term mental health. Some researchers theorize that the presence of mathematical concepts in these puzzles is the reason that the people who participate in such activities see such a boost in their mental capabilities. Playing online games and doing mazes and puzzles requires high-level analytical skills and demands that the participant be prepared to act quickly and make split-second decisions. Some games are relatively straightforward and don't involve any type of mathematical calculations but others, notably the card games of poker and blackjack, table games such as craps, roulette and baccarat and some of the video slots games involve a significant measure of strategy and skill, particularly in regard to the wagering schedule. It's easy to simply deposit a bet and hope for the best but gamers who wish to play smart consider their wagering options carefully before placing a bet. There are numerous betting strategies that casino players may wish to follow when they place their wagers. Two of the best known are the Martingale System and the Prime Number System. The Martingale system involves determining a bet based on past successes. Betting on prime numbers means that the gamer places his bets on numbers which cannot be divided by any number other than 1 or itself. No system is foolproof but many players rely on these systems for casino success.  
Maze of a Giraffe
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