Thursday, October 11, 2012

Chandler BING casino on Mars?

Blackjack evolved from a 17th century Spanish game but changes and modifications have turned it into the exciting real money game that Internet players are familiar with today when they play online blackjack. The Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes wrote about the game called ventiuna -- Twenty-One -- which is almost identical to the blackjack that is played today.  Players built hands of cards in which the total value of the cards could not exceed 21, though in de Cervantes' time, the "baraja" -- deck -- had all of the eights, nines and tens removed. Gambling houses and early casinos adopted the game, first in Europe and then in America, with options for variations, such as bonuses being paid to gamers who drew a "blackjack" -- ace of spades and black jack --on their first draw. This bonus was eventually widened to include any ace with any face card.

Curiosity Rover on Mars