Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Casino Flag of Ethiopia

Casino styled version of the flag of Ethiopia for use in online casino ads and other gambling oriented ads for internet use. Before online casinos, many of the online casino games were not that well known. Craps for example was known only as the game played in the famous movie and stage production Showboat. But in fact, thanks to the online casinos, Craps and many other casino games have become popular again. Craps is a simple dice game played with two dice. Players place bets based on what they believe the outcome of the dice will be. At land based casinos Craps lost popularity because players were lead to believe that the dice were weighted but now with the online casino, players are confident once more in the game which is powered by a random number generator. Players can place bets on more than one configuration of dice leading them to multiple betting options and of course lots of fun.