Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Online Roulette the Casino Game

Roulette Wheel Samurai
The larger online casinos offer a larger variety of casino games for the player. This is also true with the online casino game of roulette. As well as the most popular European version of online roulette, there is also the American roulette wheel which contains an additional pocket for a total of 38 as compared to the Europeans roulette wheel with its 37 pockets. Another version of online roulette that is available at some online casinos is the Multi- Wheel European Roulette Gold which allows the player to spin up to eight online roulette wheels at the same time. The idea behind this version of online roulette is the more wheels there are the greater will be the chance of winning. There is also the Premier Roulette version of online roulette with more advanced graphics and special features.