Monday, December 26, 2011

Casino War - A Card Game


Casino War offers better odds than Roulette
In gambling, one of the most important things to bear in mind, is that one is meant to be having fun. And what better way is there of having fun than playing a child’s game? That is exactly what Casino War is meant to be about. It is such an easy game to understand too, that even a child could master it! Casino War is a game based around the old time children’s favorite game of “War,” – the game that you indeed may have loved all those years ago as a child. And why on earth shouldn’t you continue your enjoyment of it today, but with greater excitement? Well, now, thanks to Casino War, that is exactly what you can do.

Rules of Casino War

Casino War uses a standard deck of 52 cards. There is one dealer and one player in Casino War. The cards have the same values as those in a poker game, except for the aces which are always high (not low). The only talent one needs in Casino War is to know how to count! If you remember playing War as a child, you might remember how it kept you amused for hours (and that was probably why your parents always encouraged you to play it). There is a dealer who gives out one card to each player (face up). He then takes a card himself (face up too). A player’s cards are compared to the dealers and the player who has a higher card, wins the bet. If the dealer is the one with the highest card, the player loses his or her bets. When a tie situation arises, a player can choose to either go to “war” with the dealer (in this case you would have to match your original bet), or surrender (forfeiting half the bet you first made). If you decide on the former option, the dealer removes the top 3 cards from the deck (the next 3 that would have been dealt) and then gives the player the fourth card. This process is then repeated, but with the dealer dealing himself one card. Should the player’s second card be higher than the dealer’s second card, the player wins their original bet. But if the dealer’s is higher, the player looses both their bets. In a tie situation on the second card, the player wins.

House Edge in Casino War

Card games are funner if you win.
Casino War is an exciting gambling game to play as it has a pretty large house edge, in comparison to a lot of other casino games. Also, in a “war” situation (with the player deciding to go to war), in the second hand, the dealer does not pay off the second wager that the player risks when going to “war.” In this way the house has an edge. When going to war, the house edge is 2.9% but 3.7% if the player decides not to go to war and instead forfeits half their original bet.


If as a player, you are looking for a fun and easy way to enjoy a bit of gambling fun, then Casino War should be a great choice for you. It is probably the simplest of all casino table games to understand since all a player has to know, is how to count! If you enjoy a bit of a gamble, without too much brain exercise, Casino War should be your choice. 

Otherwise, you may want to consider casino blackjack or a variety of the other games available out there.